DBSK fan. exits. journal.

Translation of the Original version (korean) of DBSK's hug

I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
I want to make you go to sleep, comfortably, warmly in my arms

For you, I'd win over all your problems and all your busy errands,
Even the monster in your dream

I wonder how a day without me passes by for you
Im so curious to how much you really love me

I want to be your diary in your little drawer
I want to put all your secrets in my heart, without you knowing

I want to be your kitty for just a day
You feed it warm milk and softly embrace it

Seeing your playfulness with the cat and your cute kisses to it
I guess I even felt a little jealous

(Micky) My heart is like this...
(Xiah) You're the only person who can see it
(Micky) No matter who I see, or where I am,
(Xiah)I only look at you

I want to be your close lover just for a day
I'd be able to listen to your accomplishments and even your complaints
(Xiah)Just for you

In my heart, in my soul
Love is still something thats awkward to me but
I want to you give you everything in this world
Even if it would only be in my dreams

My heart is like this
Just the fact that I can watch over you,
Makes me so grateful, Im so happy, even if I lack a lot

I want to be your lover forever
When you are in my arms, I want to become stone
So we can stay this way forever